Cycle Icons

Launched in 2006 as a "Purveyor of Fine Vintage Motorcycles", Cycle Icons hit its stride in early 2008 when it opened its showroom doors as a fully licensed motorcycle dealer in Bordentown City, New Jersey. It then quickly established itself as one of the Nation's top Royal Enfield retailers, in addition to dealing in vintage classics.

But timing is indeed everything. Despite Cycle Icons' momentum, the "Great Recession" of 2008 / 2009 hit its partner business, Liberty Mall Antiques, hard and unfortunately Cycle Icons was forced to close its showroom doors at 102 Farnsworth Avenue in July of 2009.

Though mourning the loss of its showroom and status as a dealer, Cycle Icons soldiered on and continued to pursue its vision of "preserving the spirit and sport of vintage styled motorcycling" via the repair and service of vintage bikes and its continued strong association with the Royal Enfield brand.

With 2011's whirlwind launch of Project Badger, and the subsequent formation of Badger Corse, focus has shifted once again. While Badger Corse operates the as the public face, in its various media endeavors and as an amateur race team; Cycle Icons has gone full circle and returned to its roots as a vintage oriented, enthusiast driven shop, dedicated to the "cycle icons". With Cycle Icons offering in its latest incarnation a heavy emphasis on the building and preservation of the "iconic" airhead BMW.

It truly has been a wild ride. And one, that thankfully, continues to unfold.