Saturday, May 24, 2014

"In the Shop" at Quaker City Motor Works

Of course I said yes when Kenric of Quaker City Motor Works  asked if I wanted to be the next guest to take part in his "In the Shop" pod-cast series. Kenric is always fun to chat with, his shop is a groovy hang, and "The Grease Monks" were there to serve as house band and truly help create a Late Show vibe.

We had a great time walking down memory lane, discussing the challenges of running a shop, and in general yukking it up over a few beers.

But be forewarned, it's for the truly committed as Kenric catches me at my long winded, rambling best (or worse, depending). War stories for over an hour. But if you are so inclined (and up for the challenge), hopefully you will be rewarded with some chuckles for your effort. So grab a beverage, relax, and get the inside skinny on the seamy underbelly of Badger Corse.

Thanks to Kenric and Quaker City Motor Works for providing the soap box and opportunity.

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