Friday, November 8, 2013

And that's a wrap!

After literally months and months of schedule wrangling, we were finally able to get everybody together at the shop this past week to wrap up the last interviews for "The Badger, Made in Trenton".

It's been a long gestation, so as to jog the memory...

Owing to the new shop's small size, but I think more importantly, due to Director Drue Pennella's desire to maintain the interviewee's privacy and freedom, interviews were conducted one at a time; with no one else present. It was all kind of surreal. Like some bizarre game show casting call. A contestant would enter, the garage door would go down; and with nothing else to do but stand around outside, and with it being chilly to boot, the rest of us would walk around the corner to Kennedy's Tavern, have a beer, and wait for Drue's call requesting the next victim.

First to enter the chamber was Land Speed rider Matt Smith. Again; with none of us privy to what was being said, I can only guess at Matt's gesture of exaltation.

Next up was road racer, Joe Clancy. All the guys deserve thanks for putting aside the day, but Joe especially, having driven from Baltimore up to Trenton that morning. Joe is one of those guys that seems to enjoy himself wherever he is, and I'm really glad he was able to make it up and join us.

Flat track racer extraordinaire, Scott Rounds, caught in the classic racer pose...

And then there's yours truly. I hope this is Drue's idea of humor. A screen shot grabbed at a particularly animated, hopefully isolated, moment. I shudder to think I look THAT demented on a regular basis. Lord only knows what I'm going on about...

And I have to hand it to Drue and Ted. Through the magic of lighting they managed to get a little one car garage looking pretty damn sexy!

Hard to believe the "Autumn Blitz" was over a freakin' year ago! And though it's been kind of frustrating trying to get everybody together, I think at the end of the day everybody was really glad we took the time to do these "end" interviews. Though it's delayed wrapping up the movie, it will truly be the better for it. Drue was correct in insisting that it will provide the "glue" to pull the movie together. It also wound up being a lot of fun.

Now I really can't wait to see this thing!


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