Friday, November 15, 2013

50 People to Have a Beer With...

We all love lists. Must be a guilty pleasure. Best / Worst Dressed. Rolling Stones' 100 Greatest Guitar Players. People's 50 Most Beautiful People. The list goes on and on....

I've had this rolling around in my head for a while now. The top 50 people I would like to have a beer with. I'm going to make a list.

The rules:
All must be living. None of this having 10 people from history over for dinner stuff that comes up over cocktails from time to time. Hanging out with Jesus, Gandi, or Elvis is a no-brainer. Besides, I'd like to think; hey, you never know....

This list will be entirely subjective, I'm sure sometimes selected on whim. Culled from whatever is rattling around in my nutty little head. Racers, musicians, news makers, missing a friend I haven't seen in a while. And as with any good game, the decision of the judges will be final.

Out of respect for the teetotalers who might make the list, I'm flexible. If you would rather meet for coffee, that's cool too.

This list is in no particular order, and is a work in process. The last post (#1 or #50, depending on how you look at it) is not to be construed as the winner. #27 could be the most inspired choice of all. Who knows? It will rather more be an ongoing; "Gee, I bet that would be fun."

And speaking of fun. If we're having a good time, I reserve the right to make the list "100 people to
have a beer with".

Entry 11/27/2013, #43: Sam Shepard
Playwright, actor, sometime musician. Speaking of Ms. P. Smith, her one time romantic liaison. Rugged individualist. Neo-classical personification of the American West.

Who could forget him as Chuck Yeager in "The Right Stuff"?

Discussing life, work, etc.

Sure,  I'd buy Sam a beer, and let him bend my ear a bit.


Entry 11/23/2013, # 44: Dick Cheney I'm sure an interesting guy. But actually, you know what? Never mind. Life is too short to spend your time with assholes. At least voluntarily.

Entry 11/23/2013, # 45: Patti Smith Punk Rock Poet Laureate. Jersey girl. Rock n Roll Hall of Famer. Godmother of the early-mid 70's NYC punk scene. Obviously a hopeless romantic. Warning: While dispensing advice to the young (and old) Patti delivers a couple F-bombs...

And speaking of this unique period in history and democratization....

"I awakened to the cry that the people / have the power to redeem / the work of fools"

Now, more then ever, one can only hope.


Entry 11/20/13, # 46: Ed Snowden
N.S.A. whistleblower of epic proportions. Traitor? Hero? Both? Got to give him one thing. Brass Balls. Can you imagine the full weight of the U.S. Government bearing down on your ass; with the C.I.A's poison darts and exploding cigars waiting for you at every turn?

Next time I find myself in Russia, maybe we could meet up; at a secret location, of course. I'm sure hoisting a couple would be absolutely fascinating, utterly hair raising, and unbearably depressing.


Entry 11/17/2013, #47: Tom Waits Iconoclast. Songwriter of Legendary proportions. Artistic visionary. In my opinion, a National treasure. And as an added bonus, funny as shit. Where do you begin with a career that spans 40 some odd years? I'm not even going to try. So grab a beverage, relax, and prepare to be entertained...


Entry 11/17/2013, #48: Gordon Murray
The maverick design genius behind some of the greatest race and road cars of the modern era. Early work at Brabham:

The unforgettable Brabham BT46b "Fan Car":

With ground effects gone, a complete re-think with 1983's Championship winning BT52:

From a simpler time. Design head does double duty as race engineer:

Now at McLaren as Technical Director, a prime force behind 1988's all conquering MP4/4:

Bored with the increasingly constraining design regs in F1, Murray is given free reign to create one of the greatest Supercars of all time, the McLaren F1.

Now out on his own, still pushing the boundaries of technology and design....

Gordon Murray? Yeah, I wouldn't mind sharing a couple hours with him in the pub.


Entry 11/16/2013, #49: Richard Branson
Mr. Virgin. Billionaire High School drop out. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.  From selling records out of a church basement to Outer Space, and just about everywhere in between.

Obviously a big idea guy. And part of his genius being; after hatching the Big Idea, get the hell out of the way. Let your team make it manifest. Great with people, but smart enough to know he's not a rocket scientist. That's Burt Rutan's job.

You've got to figure an interesting hang. And who knows; if I could get his ear, maybe we could snag some much needed financial backing.


Entry 11/15/2013, #50: Alain Prost
The Professor. One of the winningest drivers in Grand Prix history. Nemesis to one Ayrton Senna. Has the honor of being sacked by some of the best in the business, usually for speaking his mind. McLaren (1980), Renault, Ferrari. A big picture guy. Would sacrifice Saturday pole to seek Sunday's perfect race set-up. Brilliant tactician. Fast as hell, but most usually only when he needed to be. And like most geniuses, made it look easy. Obviously a very bright guy, yet like many drivers who have attempted the transition, failed as a team owner.

A Golden Era, in my opinion.


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  1. Racers; Mario Andretti, AJ Foyt (is he still alive?), Dan Gurney, Kenny Roberts, Dick Mann, Jeff Ward, Jeff Fredette, Janet Guthrie, Michelle Mouton, and any retired F1, Baja, Dakar, MotoGP, or WRC racer that speaks english.
    Rock stars, too many to list, how about Leon Russell, Steve Winwood, Stevie Wonder, Bruce...
    Smart people; Bill Moyers, Jimmy Carter, Matt Taibbi, Rachel Maddow (I'd let her mix drinks)
    Family; any and all, any and all times.