Thursday, December 27, 2012

Autumn Blitz Follow Up

Autumn Blitz follow up? Sort of...

Please forgive the long radio silence, and long overdue follow up post; but as usual a lot of balls in the air.

Some may recall our last episode in which we were outlining the plans for the so called "Autumn Blitz". Three races, one bike, one month. 

The full blown "The Badger, Made in Trenton" documentary of the experience is still in the production stages, and thus I've have been reluctant to spoil the drama with a lot of blog blah blah. 

But at the risk of being a hopeless tease, you have to keep feeding the Monster. So in the meantime, while waiting for the film's completion, I was able to at least pry some POV race stuff from our friends at Pure Motion Pictures.

September 22, road racing and rider Joe Clancy coming to grips with the Badger at Summit Point Motorsports Park, Summit Pt. WV. (Too bad I didn't furnish Joe with a tach that worked!)

From September 30th, rider Matt Smith chasing LSR glory at the "Ohio Mile", Wilmington OH....

The POV pièce de résistance, with Scott Rounds in full blown underdog flat-tracker gladiator mode at Oakland Valley Raceway Park, Cuddebackville NY, October 21.

Can't wait to see what sense (or not) Drue, Ted and Erik from Pure MP make of those four weeks last fall. But in the meantime I hope these few clips whet the appetite.



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