Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Trenton Makes, the World Takes...

Like a lot of cities in post industrial America, Trenton is a sad place to me; a mere shadow of its former self. "Trenton Makes, the World Takes", is now nothing more then a largely empty slogan; only reminding one of its past manufacturing glory. Long gone are the days when Trenton could boast of over 120 different ceramic and porcelain manufacturers, rivaling Staffordshire, England as the international center of ceramic and porcelain production. And that's just one example of the many industries that once thrived here, but have since left or simply disappeared. Now about the only real economy I see going on is Government (as the State capitol) and drugs, courtesy of the large gang community that has decided to call Trenton home.

But if you look close, there's still stuff going on, with a lot of talented people still plying their trades. One of the great things about having the shop based there is that when you need something done, it's probably close by. Case in point: Mufflex Performance Exhaust.

After the installation of our Hitchcock's Fury "Big Head", we unfortunitly ran into interference problems fitting the exhaust. After a lot of trimming, this is what I wound up having to work with:

Something custom was obviously required, but the omnipresent issues of time and money always bear down it seems. But did a little homework, made a few inquiries, and found myself talking to Denny at Mufflex. I knew he was the man for the job when I explained the project and he didn't roll his eyes and hem and haw. He was enthusiastic and said bring it in first thing Monday.

Mufflex... Trenton's epicenter of custom, performance exhaust.

I wasn't too broken up about cutting up the old pipe. Last year at Mid-Ohio, Stu was able to scrape the pipe in hard cornering, so it's days as a road race pipe were numbered anyway. Seemed like a good opportunity to put that issue to bed as well, so we opted for the hi pipe route.

We decided to work with the little bit of old pipe as a starting point. It made life easier, but damn; too bad it's not all stainless. Oh, well.

First tack....

Couple more bends, couple more tacks...

Denny's back....

A few more pieces; with clearance for oil lines, tappet and timing covers and other stuff all taken into account.

All tacked up, with megaphone thrown on for a little extra cool factor...

All the joints getting TIG'ed up...

Lot of hooptie do's going on... Custom baby!

Done, and installed.

Big thanks again to Denny and Chris at Mufflex. In and out in a few hours, and very reasonable bill to boot. One biggie checked off the list, as we continue the Cafe Racer TV build.

Mufflex Performance Exhaust 
2369 Nottingham Way
Trenton, New Jersey 08619
(609) 890-0481

Thanks again fellas.


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